Traditional New England craig’ster® Steamed Lobsters


A New England favorite, using our all natural craig’ster® North Atlantic lobsters.


• 4 craig’ster® raw lobsters
• 12 ounces of beer or white wine
• 1-2 cups water
• Craig's All Natural Lobster Love seasoning


• Remove protective netting from frozen raw craig’ster® (if present)
• Place frozen raw craig’ster(s)® tail-side down in large bowl and place bowl in sink
• Fill bowl with cold water – if more than 4 craig’ster® raw lobsters are being thawed, the water should run lightly in the sink / bowl to assist the thermal transfer process


• Add beer (or wine), water and 1 teaspoon of seafood rub to conventional steamer or use steamer tray in large pot. About ½ inch of liquid is all that is necessary. Never submerse lobster in boiling water.
• Preheat steamer or pot with steamer tray until liquid is steaming or boiling
• Bring water to rapid boil and insert lobster(s) tail-side down
• Steam for 10-12 minutes, if more than 4 lobsters, steam an additional 1 1/2 minutes per additional lobster (e.g. 6 lobsters = 15 minutes)
• The lobsters will turn bright red when fully cooked
• Remove from heat and serve immediately with melted butter and lemon slices (optional)


Never boil or submerse craig’ster® raw lobsters in boiling water. Boiling lobster will result in tough, chewy lobster.