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How Do You Like Your Lobster?

Whether you want a traditional whole cooked New England style lobster dinner or a gourmet hand-crafted specialty, we make a variety of delectable lobster products. We’ve made Live Lobster a hassle-free experience with our craig’ster®. The craig’ster® offers far more than any live lobster but without the uncertainty and mess. If it is just lobster meat you are looking for, we offer frozen cooked claw knuckle meat perfect for a variety of dishes as well as frozen raw lobster tails, great for the grill or surf n’ turf. If you want an already prepared hand-crafted specialty, look no further than our soups, seafood cakes and dips & spreads.

Handling and Preparation

For your convenience, we have provided information on how to handle and prepare all of our products. You can find this information listed with each product in the Products section.

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Recipes: This Week's Favorite

Broiled Butterfly Lobster Tails
Provided by Craig

This is the most popular method of preparation. Easy to prepare and you’ll love how it looks.

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